viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

España es la mejoooooooooooooooooooooor !

The Spanish government’s official representative in Catalonia, Maria de los Llanos de Luna, attended a ceremony to pay homage to the soldiers of the Spanish Nazi Blue Division last week.

The event took place in a Civil Guard barracks in Barcelona on May 11, during which Llanos de Luna awarded a medal to a veteran of Hitler’s Spanish army.

All opposition parties have now called for de Luna’s resignation and even the Unified Association of the Guardia Civil (the progressive police union) has demanded that those responsible for staging this grotesque commemoration be fired.

Over 18,000 Spanish fascists, who volunteered to join the Nazi armies after the Spanish Civil War, formed the infamous so-called Blue Division. On 12 October last year, Spain’s National Day, a vehicle carrying elderly Nazi veterans of the Blue Division took part in the Spanish army’s official event to mark the occasion. Every February, nazi groups stage an annual pilgrimage to the Almudena cemetery in Madrid in honour of the Blue Division.

The ruling Popular Party has a completely revisionist view of Spanish history. It has never condemned Franco’s fascist dictatorship or permitted the families of Franco’s victims to have exhumed the mass graves that dot the whole country and which are estimated to hold more 100,000 anti-fascists killed during the Spanish Civil War and murdered after it.

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